šŸ“± Apps, tools, & tech I can't live without

šŸ“± Apps, tools, & tech I can't live without

As a tech & productivity nerd, Iā€™m always on the hunt for the perfect tools to help make my life and work easier. Tools don't do everything ā€“ you still have to put in the work ā€“ but they sure can help you along the way.

Here's an always up-to-date list of my favorites:

šŸ“š Reading, Writing, and Note-Taking


By far the best note-taking app I've ever found. Not only does Notion let you take notes, but it's very extensible. You can create tables and relational databases, link pages to each other, etc. The sky's the limit. Get Notion


My RSS feed reader of choice. Great design and customizable swipe actions make it easy to browse articles from a variety of sources and save them to read later. Get Reeder


My read-later service of choice. Minimalistic design coupled with highlights, offline reading, and easy sharing make Instapaper a joy to use. I particularly like the iPad app. Get Instapaper


I love reading, but I hate carrying around physical books. I don't actually own a Kindle, but I love reading on the Kindle app on my iPad Pro, especially when traveling. I can't cram 200 books into a backpack, but my iPad fits easily šŸ˜‰ Get Kindle


The perfect companion to Kindle. If you have a library card, Libby lets you borrow eBooks from your local library and return them when you're done. Get Libby

āš™ļø Productivity Shortcuts


My favorite app launcher/Google searcher/general productivity shortcut for MacOS. Useful for launching websites, opening files, searching your computer, expanding text, and far more. Way better than Spotlight. Get Alfred


As a designer, I work with a lot of colors. Sip is the best color picker utility to grab a color code from anywhere. Get Sip


My favorite screenshot app. Lets me add text, arrows, and annotations to screenshots, blur out sensitive information, and easily share to the web. Plus, I can record video screen captures, scrolling screen captures for long pieces of content, and more. Get CleanShot


It's 2021: you need a password manager. 1Password is the best. Easy sharing with teammates and family, 2FA autofill, and great security. Get 1Password


Goes hand-in-hand with a password manager. Keeps your Internet activity private and secure, especially when browsing on a public Wi-Fi network. Get NordVPN


I love Mac menu bar utilities, but I hate a cluttered workspace. Bartender hides your menu bar utilities until you need them, keeping your menu bar clean and minimal. Get Bartender

iOS Shortcuts + NFC tags

iOS shortcuts have been around for a while, and there's a lot you can do with them. I won't get into all of my shortcuts, but the real game-changer here is NFC tags that let you trigger iOS shortcuts whenever you hover your phone near them. I have tags stuck all around my house and office to run short little automations. They're super cheap and re-usable ā€“ highly recommend.

āœ… Getting Things Done

Things 3

Can't imagine my life without Things. It's the fastest, easiest way to jot down and manage your to-dos, sync them between devices, and be more productive. There are some features I'd love to see (such as NLP), but even without, Things is still by far the best to-do list app I've ever tried. Ā Get Things

āŒ›ļø Managing My Time

Google Calendar

When it comes to time management, I have one rule: if it's not on the calendar, either a) it didn't happen, or b) it's not going to. Google Calendar ā€“ and shared calendars in particular ā€“ help me set priorities, manage my time, and stay focused. Get Google Calendar


A fun little open-source alternative to Calendly. Useful for sending booking links to clients or friends who want some time on my calendar. Get Calendso

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šŸ—„ Managing Files

Google Drive

Nothing super special here, but Google Drive is super important. Actually, what's most important for me is Google Drive Backup & Sync, which syncs files in my Drive to my computer (and vice versa). 100% of my business and client documents and assets are in the cloud so I can access them from anywhere ā€“ and Google Drive is a crucial piece of that. Get Google Drive


I make a Time Machine backup of my computer at least once a week, but the first rule of backups is to have multiple backups ā€“ and in different places. I've had one too many hard drives crash to only back up my files in one place. Arq uploads automatic backups to the cloud every night so I don't have to worry. Get Arq